Thunder Bay – Friday

Trash in context

Trash in context.  What if the pet is more of a ‘Sprite’ drinker?

Painted rocks. I picked up the Coraline rock and moved it to Marina Park.

More trash in context. Hair Spray with dinner?

No need for the spray head when you are chugging the contents.

Yup, I am in Thunder Bay


Trash can located on the opposite side of the sidewalk.  That is too far for someone to carry their trash?

Trash in context

Tried to take a better photo of the wet bubble wrap.

Boats starting to come out of the water.

Tis the season…

Went to hide the Coraline rock in a place that would make it difficult to find and then found another painted rock. So I picked this one up and moved it to another place. Sea’s the Day written on it.

Left Coraline here

Another inuksuk

MV Kaministiqua

Moved this rock to here

Construction starting on the building on Leased Lot #3?

Will be interesting to see how this progresses.  Remember that Manshield Construction was ‘removed’ from the condo project.


Mushrooms popping up all over the place

I believe this car is used as a deterrent. I have never seen any person hanging around it. Its just parked and left.  Supposed to put the Fear of God into everyone.

You want to be popular? Have french fries and be willing to share.

The pedestrian overpass

Love to photograph motorcycle engines. Lots of chrome.

Gotta love that chrome.

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