Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Pet hydration station today.  7-Up can is now gone.

In spite of the City of Thunder Bay locating trash and recycling cans outside of bus shelter, people still throw trash on the ground.

Trash in context.  Not sure what the addition of the piece of trash makes to the floral arrangement.  Interesting…when a trash can is available, the trash gets thrown onto the ground.  When a flower pot is available, the trash is deposited into the flower pot…not onto the ground.

The new city street leading to the Pool 6 site.

Needs grading.

Installed these signs recently.  For some reason, the signs were not installed BEFORE the street was open to traffic.  In this city, traffic control signage and street lighting are not ‘must haves’ when it comes to safety. They are only ‘nice to have when we get around to its’ . Public safety is not Job 1 in Thunder Bay. Its Job Whenever.  Makes you wonder where our high salaried residents of City Hall’s priorities lay.

A piece of carrot

I cannot find another plant like this in Marina Park.  This is along the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail.  I will look harder tomorrow.

Moved this painted rock to here.

Nothing happening far.

Setting up for the Wake the Giant festival on Saturday

A local couple working on their second bottle of Imperial fortified rotgut wine.

Trash in context.  Maybe LCBO bag used to have two bottles of Imperial fortified Rotgut wine in it.

Used to be dozens of geese in the park. Now there are none.

Trash in context


Not sure what they were doing here

What I did notice was that the pedestrian overpass was hosed down recently.  Did the fire department do it?

The thing is that the trash is still there.

This stuff is still on the floor

Looks like soap of some kind.

but glass pieces are still there.

as is this LCBO bag.  I would think that the floor would get swept before it was hosed down.

Size of a pie plate

Not sure what constitutes a strange package left abandoned in a public space.  From what I can see, people leave boxes, bags and containers of all sizes lying around ALL THE TIME. Do I call the police every time I see one?

Catchbasin that is going to be repaired sometime in the future.  I mentioned it a few days ago.  This angle emphasizes just how many utility cables are located all around the thing.  Should be fun digging this up.  Of course, Court Street will be fully closed down during the work because that is what city work crews do.

Looks dead.

Starbucks?  What is wrong with this person.  Tim Horton’s is the preferred drink of the city’s litterers.

Trash?  I guess it is now.

Trash in context.  Once again, not Tim Horton’s…the official coffee cup litter of the City of Thunder Bay.

Everything gets old.

Yes, there are still a few dandelions left.

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    Perhaps the fire department were employed to flush the overpass/urinal in an effort to reduce the stench?

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