Thunder Bay – Sunday

MV Drawsko

Double-crested Cormorant

MV Algoma Equinox

MV Federal Beaufort

These roses have not given up blooming yet.

Leased Lot #3 so far.

I think that the area that is being compacted will be covered with paving tiles to match the existing tiles that surround the fountain.

When the sun shines, the colour of the leaves brightens up.

No animals willing to chow down on this dead gull.

Railways clear trees inside their right-of-way.

Toss a beer bottle off of the pedestrian overpass onto the skatepark and it shatters.  Oh what fun someone was having. Broken glass all over the place.

Another empty cigarette pack

He just had a heart attack.  He is almost 80 years old.

Looks like someone was given a free lunch.

Not to worry.  There is more where this came from.

Thought it was a potato.

Turns out its a bulb from a flower.

A flower that was pulled out of this planter.

A cap from a Kelly’s rotgut wine tetrapack that was NOT anywhere near the pedestrian overpass.

Bees still working

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