Canada – Trudeau Rumoured To Be In Talks To Suppress Potentially Career-Ending Sex Scandal

Trudeau Rumored To Be In Talks To Suppress Potentially Career-Ending Sex Scandal

Somehow, the Liberal Party has managed to minimize the blowback from Justin Trudeau’s ‘blackface’ scandal, and with two weeks to go until election day, is still well within the margin of error in most polls.

But there might be another scandal in the works. According to a report in the Buffalo Chronicle, the party is doing everything in its power to suppress a sex scandal involving Trudeau and the daughter of a wealthy Canadian businessman who Trudeau reportedly may have become involved with when she was a student at West Point Grey Academy, a prestigious private school where Trudeau worked as a substitute teacher in his 20s.

The Chronicle’s sources claim that political observers had been anticipating an expose in Saturday’s Globe and Mail. However, it appears Trudeau and his people have gotten to the woman, and are in the process of negotiating an NDA. The woman is being represented by counsel, and is reportedly being offered monetary compensation.

Trudeau worked as a substitute teacher at the private school from 1999 until an abrupt departure in June 2001. It has long been rumored that Trudeau had improper relations with female students while working at the school, though nothing has ever been substantiated.

The prime minister was briefly embroiled in a sexual harassment scandal after being accused of “groping” a reporter back in 2000. Trudeau swiftly acknowledged that he was wrong and apologized for groping the reporter.

But a sex scandal involving a potentially underage student would likely end his political career. –

article website here

Hmmm….this could be verrrry interesting if it turns out to be more than just a rumour.

Buffalo Chronicle article link below:

Trudeau is rumored to be in talks with an accusor to suppress an explosive sex scandal

Update: October 10, 2019

Professor named Dr. Justin Trudeau sues university for discrimination over sexual harassment claims

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4 Responses

  1. Lucy Stone
    Lucy Stone at | | Reply

    The fact that so women voted with their crotches instead of their minds when electing someone based on his fuckability rather than his ablity to govern, really is casting serious doubt onto that whole sufferage thing.

    1. S Anthony
      S Anthony at | | Reply

      If I may beg to please correct you, the spelling you are narrowly missing on that noble attempt at expression is ‘suffrage’.

  2. J Friday
    J Friday at | | Reply

    Can we please stick to the facts ladies?
    Trudeau is now accused of being a kiddie diddler, is that correct?
    The media bullied us into ignoring the groping, the political interference, the racism, and now we have to turn a blind eye to his suspected pedophelia?
    I’m still voting for him, I’m a proud liberal, for 4 decades, and 4 generations before that, & it’s not like he assulted ‘my’ daughter while in a position of authority, so whatevz…

  3. Ajax Savage
    Ajax Savage at | | Reply

    False story being rumour spun about another teacher named Justin Trudeau of similar age who is up against sex harassment charges. Here’s the original Daily Mail story.

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