Thunder Bay – Hamilton Hate Capital Of Canada

Hamilton is getting a reputation for hate, and critics say the city hasn’t done enough to fight it

Hamilton had Canada’s highest per-capita rate of hate crimes for the last three out of five years, according to Statistics Canada. There were 17.1 hate incidents per 100,000 people, with those incidents ranging from graffiti to assault.

So far this year, there have been 76 hate crimes or incidents, which is four per cent less than this time last year, according to the city’s hate crimes unit. Of those, 73 were classified as “incidents,” meaning the crimes displayed some hate or bias, but police haven’t determined if that was a motivating factor. In the other three, police have determined that hate was a motivating factor. – cbc news

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If you have been reading/watching the Canadian mainstream media, you probably thought that Thunder Bay was the hate capital of Canada.  You know, having  a racist police force and a racist public library system and all.  Instead, it is the City of Hamilton that has that honour. Thunder Bay must settle for being the Murder Capital of Canada six out of the last eight years.  I guess you can’t win them all.

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