Canada – Now The Rest Of the Soufi Restaurant Story

The only person spewing hate in this story is the son of the restaurant owners.  Somehow, the mask wearing, hate spewing son has managed to become the victim here.  Why is that?

THAT is the world we live in now.   Hate mongers, who spew out hate on behalf of the far left are victims.  We must learn to be accepting of these poor souls.  They know not what they do. Forgive them.

Hate mongers, who spew hate on behalf of the far right are fascist Nazis and must be banished to hell.  Kill them all.

Yet they are all hate mongers. I do not see any difference between them. Why treat them differently?  None of them are victims.  They spew hate.  I thought that there is no place in Canada for hate….of any kind. I guess , I was wrong.

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