Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I noticed that four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel guests are using the public parking lot instead of the the hotels’s lot.  I wonder if that sign has anything to do with it.

The hotel parking lot is on the right. The entrance to it is at the south end of the public parking lot.  Why is the entrance to the hotel parking lot not located at the same end as the entrance to the public parking lot?

The sign makes it look like the public parking lot IS the hotel parking lot.

Public parking lot. Hotel parking lot on the left.  Hotel guests have to drive through the entire public parking lot in order to reach the entrance to the hotel parking lot.  Seems stupid to me.  Was it done on purpose?

Needle still here.

Needle still here.

Out of the pack


Trash in context

Alternate view

What is becoming the Pool 6 dump site.

Looks like someone planned on recycling this stuff but changed their mind. Dumped it at Pool 6 instead.

More ice

Still shake my head every time I see the water valve installed on the shoulder of the road.  It is obviously an error.

Table cloth?


The lake view today.

Snow Geese Blue Morph still hanging around.

MV Jamno

MV Happy River

Still some tiny dandelions around.

Leased Lot #3 so far

Concrete was poured yesterday

Just passing through

Also just passing through

also just passing through

Matt Mays in town tonight.

Poo bag.

Time to get these sump pumpers to stop pumping their water out onto the sidewalk.  It turns to ice at night.

Trash in context

Foam cup and a broken bottle.

A mat?


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