Thunder Bay – Thursday

MV Jamno

MV Federal Caribou at Keefer Terminal

Looks like this may be a hybrid duck?   I have no idea.

The Snow Geese Blue Morph are still hanging around Marina Park.  No rush to leave.

Leased Lot #3 so far.  Barbecue area.

Grassy area with new chairs.  Big question. Maybe I am missing something but I do not see anyway for a wheelchair or walker to get up there.  I do not see a ramp anywhere.

Just concrete steps, granite blocks and plants.

Pretty sure the area must be handicapped accessible.


Not the most nutritious looking meal I have ever seen.

Northbound lane closed in the north core.  Bus routes affected.

Digging up old street car tracks

A bit of Port Arthur’s history on display.

Yes, there used to be street cars in Port Arthur and Fort William.

Trash in context

Some colour here.

Child’s mitt

Halloween tonight

Does that pumpkin look like someone’s butt to you?

Roses last blooms.

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