Thunder Bay – Friday

Snowy, overcast day. Nothing to see here.

Some people do not understand that garbage cans/bags cannot be placed on snowbanks.

Yet we are still going to get more snow this weekend.

Not sure where that snow is going to be deposited.

Falling snow  gets in the way of photography.

Looking for colour any place I can find it.

Looks like a driver found out that the snowbank is located beyond the road’s shoulder.

I wonder what is going to happen to the Helicopter Tours that originate from the Pool 6 dock?  Probably won’t be allowed while a cruiseship is tied up there.

The CCGS Alexander Henry will benefit from a tour ship tied up behind it.  Might be wise for the LTM people to make a deal with the cruisecompanies so that passengers can tour former icebreaker.

The City of Thunder Bay has had 20 years to clean-up the debris from the former Pool 6 elevator.  Imagine the waterfront park that could be there?   Right now, the public is not allowed to access the property.

Nothing to see out there but falling snow.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.  Should be fun to watch the cruiseship passengers running the gauntlet.

Trash in context.  It appears to me that Pepsi is the soft drink of choice for the street litterers.


Digging a path from street to parking meter has discovered a bike rack hidden in the snowbank.

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