Thunder Bay – Tear The Pedestrian Overpass Down

City faces decision on Marina Park pedestrian bridge

A familiar landmark faces an uncertain future as city council debates the fate of the pedestrian overpass at Marina Park. Coun. Aldo Ruberto wants to get rid of the aging structure, but without a ready alternative, others were hesitant a major entrance to Prince Arthur’s Landing.

City engineering warned council the bridge, opened in 1994, is in need of imminent structural repairs within the year, with an estimated total cost of $1.5 million. Administration said the bridge has experienced significant corrosion and section loss, which has already necessitated some emergency repairs. The need for the work has been known for several years, but funding for the project was deferred in previous budgets. – tbnewswatch

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Tear it down!  Its an ugly, filth, graffiti-covered urinal/ hangout for city’s urban wine connoisseurs.  Unless the City Admin plans on getting tough with this group, which I doubt, then removal is the best option.

The Camelot Street entrance is just fine. Only a short walk from the overpass.  Most people attending events in Marina Park use either the Pearl Street or Camelot Street entrance.

No point spending $1.5 million providing a clubhouse for the North Core Drinkers Association to hold their daily meetings.


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  1. responsibleone
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    Right on! However, if the city did get tough on this group and got rid of them by whatever means necessary, cleaned it up would you/anyone support spending $1.5 million for imminent structural repairs? The cost was just an estimate and like everything else this city gets it’s hands on the cost ends up being a lot more. So it could be $3.million when said and done and even then there will be maintenance costs going forward. I can’t remember who’s brainchild or lack of a brain this was in the first place. But like you said there is Pearl St and Camelot St and even the overpass. I agree. Tear the eyesore down!

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