Thunder Bay – Saturday

Trying to escape from the CJ compound

First shopping carts. Now the shopping baskets.

This is what photographers call ‘leading lines’.

Some of the city’s crappy infrastructure.  Pavement is not three years old yet.  It had cracks after the first winter.

Snow sculpturing class today.


Sorry but I git carried away.

Odd to see a robin in the snow.

Curious about me?

Sun started to come out.

Be clearing the snow soon to make room for the snow sculpture contestants.   The Wednesday or Thursday before Family Day should be the start.

Trash in context.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

Means something to somebody.

Sidewalk plow has a leak of some sort of fluid.

City of Rainbows.

Hmm….Beer and vodka.

Trash in context

Today, its all about hauling your kid, along with all of his/her belongings, around in the largest baby carriage you can buy.

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