Thunder Bay – Profits Are Private While Losses Are Public

Public input sought for Thunder Bay harbour mercury remediation

The committee trying to find a way to remediate nearly 400,000 cubic metres of mercury-contaminated sediment in Thunder Bay’s north harbour is ready to present its latest ideas to the public.

A working group representing government and local agencies has made changes to the options that were outlined to city council in February 2019.

Details will be presented at two meetings scheduled for Wed. Feb. 26 at the Delta Waterfront Hotel.

Samuel Pegg, coordinator of the government-funded Remedial Action Plan, says that over the past year some new engineering studies were conducted.

The contaminated sediment was deposited at the bottom of the harbour over decades during the operation of a paper mill near the mouth of the Current River.

The former Abitibi mill was demolished several years ago. The property is now owned by Wilderness North, a company that operates an air service and a chain of fly-in fishing lodges.  – tbnewswatch

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a comment from the above article:

Northern Canadian

Why is abitibi not having to pay for this clean up?

That question can be asked about every piece of former industrial land anywhere in the city, province or country.  Thunder Bay’s waterfront is a prime example. Remember the creosote ‘blob’ that was removed from the harbour adjacent to the former Northern Woods property? Prince Arthur’s Landing?  The proposed waterfront art gallery?  Waiting in the wings is the Pool 6 property, former Pool 2 property, former Pool 8/Riverside Grain Products property, and Great West Timber.  Actually, the entire 52 km of city waterfront is waiting to be cleaned up. Cost? Tens of billions of dollars…taxpayer dollars.

Anyway, the answer to the question as to why Abitibi is not required to pay for this cleanup is simple: Profits are private while losses are public.  Its that simple.

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