Thunder Bay – Friday

Median sign still missing.  This is the sign that was missing for around two years, was finally replaced and then knocked down a few weeks later.  I believe these signs are there for a reason.  Traffic safety being my first guess.  The fact that replacing the sign is not priority one makes me wonder if these signs are really required.  Are there any other signs that are not required?  Why are we paying to have them installed if they are not necessary?

Probably photographed this railway car before. Its been a long time since I walked down to the back forty of the Pool 6 property so I photographed it just in case. Same goes for the photo below.

Trash in context.

Robins still hanging around Marina Park.

Snow sculptures today.  Warm weather will be taking its toll on them this weekend.

Now that the barriers have been removed (not that the barriers made much of a difference), its only a matter of time that children destroy them. Climbing all over them.  Many parents do not care.

Painted rock

Not a very PC view of the skating bears but it does show you the amount of detail there is. The underside of the skirt.  Nobody is going to see it but the artists spent the time and effort.  Impressive.

People dump trash along the shoreline of McVicar Creek.

You don’t want to be living in that house.

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