Thunder Bay – Sunday

Skating bears has collapsed.

Tree has fallen over.

Sun is relentless.

Seen better days.

Dog’s legs are now gone.

Interesting how the ice sculptures fall apart instead of melt.

The ice up close.

I wonder how this ice was made?  It formed in a honeycomb pattern.

LCBO bag in Marina Park…what bare the odds?


Pine Siskin



Cleared of snow?  All winter, the thing was full of snow. Now, its has been cleared?

Because of the Special Olympics?

Sure sign of spring. Gulls getting ready to nest. A little early.


Trash in context.

Neighbourhood rinks are starting to deteriorate.

Tim Hortons cups and Safeway shopping carts.

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    Pine Siskin… Surprised knuckle draggers haven’t laid waste to the snow figures.

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