Thunder Bay – Monday

Thunder Bay’s colourful trash

The road to the Pool 6 site is about to become a maintenance issue.

Why I no longer use the pedestrian overpass.

A hoodie and a pair of jeans.  Clothes have no value if you can get them for free.

Interesting pattern in the ice sculptures.  I wonder how it was made?

They don’t melt so much as fall apart.  They turn into thousands of icicles.

Interesting pattern…

Snow sculptures today.  This used to be the ice skating bears.


This used to be the Al Hackner snow sculpture.

Used to be a bear

This sculpture is not long to this world.

The turtle now has become a snow person.

Looks like a sponge.

This is also not long for this world.

Only fools walk around Marina Park with their dogs attached to a leash.

The line of snow people are gone. All that is left is their scarfs and noses.

A spout from a Kelly’s finest rotgut wine tetrapack.

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