Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Escaping from the CJ compound

Successful escapee

Escapee from the CJ compound?

Casa Garcia wine…Not seen one of these before.  Its cheap.

Here you can see where the bottle was.  Tossed from a passing car?

Trash in context

Left over from Snow Day’s fireside bannock feast?

There are five full cans of Coke in that bag.

They ate some of the potato chips

and threw the rest away. People have waaaaay too much money if they can afford to throw this stuff away.

Looks like someone had a look at the jeans and sweatshirt I mentioned yesterday. No takers so far. I am sure they are full of cooties.

In Thunder Bay, you can only carry trash soo far before you have to put it down.

Smoking spot

Another smoking spot. Different kind of smokes.  Thinner.

Hopefully this pile will end up being recycled.  No guarantee.

Snow sculptures today.

Collapse is close.

Al Hackner snow sculpture

Ice skating bears

Still skate-able.

What is a neighbourhood without a feral shopping cart or two?

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