Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Something spilled. Coffee?  Don’t think its vomit.

More CJ trash that has managed to escape the compound.

Trash in context.

Waiting for spring to arrive.

Lots of snowpeople scarfs laying around the area adjacent to the fountain pond/skating rink. I wonder who will have to pick them up?

Nice looking mitten.

Snow sculptures today. Looks like city workers have removed the remnants of these.

What it looked like yesterday.

Pushed the snow over to here.

City workers knocked this one down?

What it looked like yesterday.

Hooded sweatshirt/jeans update.  Looks like someone tok an even closer look at them.

Two pairs of jeans and at least one sock.

Now THIS is vomit.  The joy of living in Thunder Bay.

The City of Thunder Bay needs to require building owners to replace broken windows with glass in a timely manner.  Windows covered with plywood for extended periods of time looks bad.


Trash in context.


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