Thunder Bay – Possible The Two Report Authors Know What Of They Speak?

LU accounting students put skills to the test in national compet
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Accounting majors Ben Anderson, Lucas Bauer, Nick Dzikowski and Taylor Hosanna faced off against 12 other accounting teams in Winnipeg during the Gathering of Accounting Associates, Professionals and Students to take first place for the university for the second time since 2011.

Associate professor of accounting Camillo Lento said it’s a great way to show the students that what they’re learning at Lakehead can translate into careers.

First of all, congrats to the students.  Good for them.  Its obvious that the LU accounting course is doing something right.

Camillio Lento….Associate professor of accounting….where have we heard this name before?

report here

Isn’t this the Chamber of Commerce Report that the Brothers Grim, Hobbs and Commisso, said was distorted and based on incorrect assumptions?

Maybe, just maybe these two report authors really do know what of they speak?   Unlike Hobbs and Commisso, the authors of this report have nothing to gain by presenting the facts as they did unlike Hobbs and Commisso who have everything to loose if the report turns out to be correct.

This article strengthens my belief that Hobbs and Commisso are full of shit when it comes to the City of Thunder Bay’s financial situation.  Remember that Ontario and Canada provide 16% of the City of Thunder Bay’s budget.  Assuming that the City of Thunder Bay will be able to depend on kindness of strangers forever is dangerously stupid.





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