Thunder Bay – The Democraslayer

Here, Tim the Democraslayer uses his mighty sword “Scientific Survey” to slay the evil democracy dragon, thus saving the people of Thunder Bay from their own stupidity. Hurrah! Tim and his fellow democraslayers were rewarded with much gold from the city’s treasury.

Re: Public Input – Thunder Bay Event Centre Project

Public Input  Let me be clear: we have not agreed to build anything yet. We are still investigating. This is important, because we remain committed to garnering public input and opinions. We have done so already through our 2013 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, which shows the majority of residents have a positive attitude towards the project.

The city will also undertake a random, scientific and statistically valid survey of taxpayers, which will focus specifically on the proposed event and convention centre. It will provide all the necessary and factual information, and allow for a variety of questions. A scientific survey will allow us to develop a better understanding of the opinions of the voters than would a yes/no question on the ballot. – Keith Hobbs Tbnewswatch March 13, 2014

The thing about polling companies is that they know how to get any results their clients want.  Its all about questions asked, in what order those questions are asked and who are asked those questions.

The so called Thunder Bay Satisfaction Survey is a prime example of statistical mumbo jumbo. (here and here)

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