Thunder Bay – Global Spectrum In Abbotsford Is Ch Ch Ch Changing


UPDATE: Management changes looming at Abbotsford arena - Abbotsf
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He also said the AESC will now be called the Abbotsford Centre, and the management agreement with Global Spectrum will be renegotiated.

Global is five years into a 10-year deal with the city.

Abbotsford city manager George Murray said negotiations are ongoing and are expected to be completed in July.

Currently, there are few details as to what the new deal with Global Spectrum will entail.

Murray said the city is looking to “be a true partner in the operation of the centre, where financial risks and rewards will be shared (with Global Spectrum).”

Clarke acknowledged that the city has new priorities and strategies.

“We’re supporting what the city wants to do. We want to be there, we want to be seen as a community partner, and we’re trying to achieve a dynamic agreement that helps us generate more revenue and reduce costs.”

…true partners…sharing financial risks and rewards….imagine that?

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The cost savings A New Game will usher in a new chapter in the operations and development of the Abbotsford Centre. It will realize at least $5 million in savings by ending a supply agreement with the Calgary Flames, one which has cost the City an average of $1.5 million per year since the arrival of the Abbotsford Heat of the American Hockey League in 2009 ($7.2 million in losses over those five years). It also relieves the trend that projects increased losses of more than $2 million per year going forward. Additional savings will be achieved by renegotiating existing management contracts with Global Spectrum, the operators of our community facility. Already in place as part of A New Game is a new preferred ticketing
services contract with provider TicketMaster. – A New Game

“Abbotsford City Council has given some very clear parameters under which the City Manager is pursuing new anchor tenants for the Abbotsford Centre,” said Banman. “In a nutshell, any new tenancy agreement for the Abbotsford Centre will be a public document that will have the best interests of the community and the ratepayers at its heart. We will not contemplate subsidizing private businesses and we will ensure that ongoing community use of the facility is a major emphasis.” – civicinfobc

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A couple of interesting points…

  • 7,000 seats $71 million for the Abbotsford Entertainment and Sports Centre (AESC) compared to the proposed 5,700 seats $106 million for the Thunder Bay Event Centre and Convention Centre
  • AESC managed by Global Spectrum compared to Global Spectrum managing the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre and Convention Centre
  • AESC built by PCL Constructors compared to PCL Constructors building the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre and Convention Centre

So we are being asked to pay $30 million more for 1,300 seats less?  The supposed convention centre component of the proposed Thunder Bay Event Centre and Convention Centre adds how much to this cost? $30 million? $40 million? $50 million?

Who knows?  This whole project has been planned in secret.  Why?

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