Thunder Bay – But Wait! There’s More! Taxes That Is…

You thought that the 2014 1.69% tax increase was all there was?  Oh no…


There’s more?  What do I mean…There’s more? This is the City of Thunder Bay remember…it will always needs more cash.

Harsh winter throws Thunder Bay budget out of balance - Thunder
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The 2014 budget was just passed by City Council only a couple of months ago. How on earth is the City of Thunder Bay already $5.7 million over budget? Are they burning cash to heat City Hall?  I thought that all the cost overruns from last year were dealt with as part of the 2014 budget debate.  Why are we bringing all this up now?

The city has reserve funds for unexpected costs. If this passed winter is as exceptional as our City Administration keeps saying over and over and over again, then why are we increasing taxes now?  Why not use the reserve funds now and then see how things look financially next year?  Does the man now think this exceptional weather we have had is now unexceptional?  Normal?  Hmmmm

I have to wonder if there is not some ulterior motive to this move by Commisso.  I don’t trust the man. Not one bit. Once this is added to the budget this year, it becomes a permanent tax increase which will be added on to next year.  I have a feeling there is more going on here than we are being told. Is more money required for the Event Centre next year? More money for Prince Arthur’s Landing?

There was $18 million of debt in the 2014 budget  that City Council gave two or is it 26 thumbs up?   Did Commisso manipulate City Council during the 2024 budget deliberation to get that $18 million for Tbaytel and the Golf links Road/Junot Street 4 laning? Did he know that this $6 million budget overrun would have negatively affected that $18 million budget ask?

The city is taking on more debt but it’s in good shape to do so administration says. – March 24, 2014 Tbnewswatch 

Yup. Good financial shape to take on more debt. Just not in such good shape that an additional  tax increase will not be required to cover last years snowfall…..and the 2012 rain event which keeps coming up in budget discussions almost two years later for some reason.

Lets face it. All these budget overruns are due to labour costs. Its as simple as that. Overtime for city workers.

Up until now, those high wages were hidden in bloated city budgets. Now, with budgets being trimmed to the bone, wages make up most of all department costs.  So what do you cut now?

Wait until the City of Thunder Bay budgets include the extra $2 million – $4 million a year administrative/maintenance costs for the obscenely over priced proposed event centre. And seeing how we taxpayers will own that building, ….no property tax income.  Great!



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