The World – Propaganda Wars

Once again, its dangerous to believe anything you here from the media.  American, Russian, British…all of them.  Still more coverage is better than less and alternative views are good.  Let the viewer decide. Let the viewer ask questions.

If a single government controls the information, national,provincial or municipal, then we are all screwed.

Is NYT Walking Back 'Russia' Photos Scoop?
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Pamphlets Urging Jews to Register in Ukraine Are Likely Fake
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People need to question everything they read and see.  Everybody lies but everybody does not lie at the same time.  The truth is out there.  Its a matter of finding it, if you really want to.  My  go-to-questions are: Who benefits from this article?  Who does the article hurt? What is the evidence?

That goes for all the bullshit that comes out of City Hall and gets printed in the local media, no questions asked.

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