Thunder Bay – Another Lazy Sunday

This Court Street  hazard area is getting worse.  I wonder where all the water and under road/sidewalk material is going?  Previous post here.  City crews did throw some asphalt into some of the holes so vehicles don’t rip their wheels or undercarriages off. Considerate of them.

IMGP4122_1 IMGP4124_1 IMGP4137_1



First damaged by the snow removal equipment now finished off by vandalism. Not sure I would want to secure my bike to one of these.   They are all over town though.

IMGP4144_1 IMGP4143_1

This ones on Algoma Street 2012


Snow removal equipment damage.

Then there is another mystery…water draining under the sidewalk on the Algoma 2011 contract section. Where is it going?

IMGP4312_1 IMGP4309_1 IMGP4310_1 IMGP4311_1

Then there is this launching ramp on Cumberland Street, newly paved last year.

IMGP4235_1 IMGP4237_1


IMGP4238_1Where are the infamous orange cones that the City of Thunder Bay places at these type of road hazards? Well…places them everywhere actually.


Yup..that’s it.  Not doing much good there.

But wait…there’s more

I am sure this is perfectly safe but it just scares the beejesus out of me.  Electricity and water just don’t mix.

IMGP4192_1 IMGP4188_1 IMGP4189_1 IMGP4190_1 IMGP4191_1



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