Thunder Bay – A City That Is Rusting And Rotting Away

Rusty lamp post crashes down, misses Thunder Bay pedestrian - Th
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A four-meter lamp post toppled to the ground outside Victoriaville Centre in Thunder Bay yesterday afternoon, narrowly missing a pedestrian. 

“We were just standing by the post there, me and my buddy, and it … just fell over and almost hit me,” he said.

Whew…could have been worse. The falling pole might have hit an expensive car instead of a lowly, worthless Thunder Bay pedestrian! And in the Government District to boot!

This could have been the first non-stabbing death in the south core in years. So close. Oh well.

Yup…the City of Thunder Bay is rotting and rusting away while our elected and non-elected municipal overlords fuck around with these insanely expensive white elephant projects.  First, the $60 million plus Prince Arthur’s Landing and now a $100 million arena. Later a $25 million Art Gallery.  $200 million in spending on the waterfront and south core lamp posts are falling down because of neglect? Priorities?

Will the Infrastructure Renewal Program actually renew the city’s infrastructure?  No. It will take a lot more money than City Hall is now spending on repairing/replacing to come even close to put a dent in the problem.  Because of the low quality of work being done by contractors, the Infrastructure Renewal Program is turning out to be a short term band-aid solution…a fresh coat of paint on a tired, old,  rusting and rotting  city.



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