Thunder Bay – It Was Like That When I Got Here

Thunder Bay scrambles to remove rusty lamp posts - Thunder Bay -
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“Typically we expect them to last longer from our inspection period … we very rarely get one of these issues where they just suddenly fail like that.”

Adams said the situation was “troubling,” and that the city usually has “some notice through our inspection process.”

“It’s just we’ve got a lot of assets out there, and we just can’t be everywhere to inspect all our assets.”

The decorative lamp posts around Victoriaville Centre were installed in the early 90s, he added, and were last inspected in 2010, when the city replaced the light fixtures atop the poles.

we just can’t be everywhere to inspect all our assets….regularly inspecting city infrastructure is one of the reasons we pay taxes.  That is the City of Thunder Bay’s responsibility as owner of all those infrastructure assets.  Mr. Adams is making excuses for his own departments failure here. As I have said before, nothing that happens is the fault of any city manager. None of them have the guts to stand up and take responsibility for anything. Commisso had his budget deficits, Matson and the sewage plant failure, Dugmore and Alexander on the budget overruns of Prince Arthur’s Landing.  All defected blame away from themselves.  Apparently the buck does not stop at City Hall.  It just keeps on going.


Failure to inspect infrastructure costs the taxpayers a large amount of cash as what might have been a simple repair now becomes total replacement.  The Trowbrdige Falls bridge replacement comes to mind. That cost $900,000 to the taxpayers of Thunder Bay and Ontario.

Then there is the failure to inspect the storm sewers in Thunder Bay, a failure that I believe led to the sewage treatment plant failure back in May 2012.  The sewer had a large amount of debris that had built up over the years that, had it been detected and removed on a regular basis, would surely have avoided the sewage backup into East End basements. That cost taxpayers a shitload of cash.

I wonder what other catastrophic failures awaits the residents of Thunder Bay. Stay tuned.

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