Canada – Fascism Anyone?

Ever wonder if your leader is a fascist? I ask myself that very question  about Prime Minister Stephan Harper on a daily basis. After reading this article dated from the spring of 2003, I have come to the conclusion that, yes, according to Britt’s  list of 14 fascist characteristics PM Harper is definitely a fascist. Its almost like Britt had Harper in mind when he was making up the list. Here is the article…decide for yourself

Fascism Anyone?
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So..what does it all mean? It means that if we do not do something about this government, things are going to get bad very quickly.

Canadians are losing their rights and freedoms, or should I say giving them away, at an alarming rate. Of course, its always for our own protection. Its always for our own protection. Once gone, getting back even the most basic rights and freedoms will be difficult. Almost impossible.

Lets hope people wake up soon before its too late.

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