Thunder Bay – Thunder Bay Needs To Go On A 12 Step Program

First step to recovery is to admit you have a problem…Thunder Bay has many problems, none more glaring than the love of Consultant Pitchman/Woman.  The City of Thunder Bay seem to believe everything these snake oil salespeople have to say.

Consultant of the Month

So…what dream merchant is trying to get our tax dollars this week? Read on…
Attracting with sport - Thunder Bay NewsNo shit. A person who makes an extremely comfortable living helping cities bid on these sports events thinks cities bidding on these sports events is  a good thing.  And when he is done, he leaves and the taxpayers are left paying for the honour of holding that sports event for years and years and years.

World Nordic Championships…held at Big Thunder Sports Park…which is presently being used for ????


Nothing. The facilities and venues are rotting and rusting away. All paid for by the taxpayer.

The above article finished with the following paragraphs….

He also warned about keeping expectations reasonable and not overbuilding facilities just to attract an event only to wind up with escalating operational costs.

Those same expectations must be kept when it comes to what events are realistic.

When Halifax first bid on the WJHC, hoping to land the 1999 event, the minimum guarantee to the governing body was $1 million. Four years later Halifax had to promise $3 million. Today that number has climbed to about $20 million, which limits where there event can be held going forward.

“The cost of being in the event (hosting game) is only going up,” MacDonald said. “It’s also a risk. It is the cost of doing business.”

Exactly…cities bid AGAINST each other to host these events. Popular events, the kind that will raise a city’s national stature, are extremely expensive. Every city wants to host them.  The taxpayers of Thunder Bay will be busy paying millions of tax dollars annually just to keep the $120 million multi-purpose arena running. There is not going to be much money left over to bid on anything.

A successful bidding city needs financial support from the private sector…and I mean, other than Tbaytel.  In Thunder Bay, our large scale employers are tight fisted when it comes to that kind of support.

It is my belief that the City of Thunder Bay has no long term plan for the future of the city.  Right now, its put every spare dollar into the waterfront, while almost completely ignoring the rest of the city.

The Thunder Bay Art Gallery is an example of this tunnel vision. Prince Arthur’s Landing is the sole location that is being considered for a possible new $25 million TBAG. Even if the best place to put a new TBAG is in the Bay and Algoma area.

If the City of Thunder Bay wants to get people to come here an visit, then it must clean itself up first. Murder capital of Canada? Huge substance abuse problem. Rotting and rusting infrastructure..including derelict buildings. And lots and lots of people hanging around with nothing to do…

Value for money…City Hall needs to give the taxpayers value for money.  The finished product that City Admin is accepting from contractors is sub-par. Much of the time, its pure shit.


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