Thunder Bay – Four More Years Of This Shit

Leaseholders given two Thunder Bay News
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Watched the coverage of this on television. Not a politician to be seen on my screen.  Well, Joe V. was seen exiting the meeting room first. I guess he did not want to go on camera say just what happened.

Why is it that the media is always having City Administration do the onscreen ‘splainin instead of the elected politicians. The politicians that are elected to represent the public. Those politicians made the decision not to extend the leases, then those politicians should stand up and tell the city why.  Instead you get Commisso and Smith, unelected bureaucrats that answer to no one and have jobs for life.

And what was this thing about a Master Plan for Chippewa Park that Commisso mentioned in his TBT News inteview?  Is it a secret in-camera Master Plan or can the public be enlightened as to  just what the fuck this Master Plan looks like?

I wonder if it involves selling the Sandy Beach properties to private developers friends of City Hall?…for fair market value of course.  Just like Municipal Golf Course and Prince Arthur’s Landing.

And Thunder Bay’s voters, re-elected those cowards so we have four more years of this bullshit to look forward to. Lucky us.


I don’t know George.  I just don’t know.

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