Ebolapalooza – The Virus Must Be Stopped In Africa

Ebola …. there is more to this virus than we are being told.  Why are we not being told this stuff?  For our own protection, of course.

(Much of what is on this video is covered in previous Ebolapalooza posts.  Check them out by clicking on Ebolapalooza below this post.)

Once again, vigilance and proper hand washing techniques are your best defense against all viruses.  No fear.

Its obvious that this particular strain of Ebola is not your mother’s strain of Ebola.  If it has mutated and continues to do so, that may explain the difficulties that health workers are having battling the virus.

The spread of this strain of Ebola must be stopped soon.  As the video  surmises, the longer the outbreak hangs around, the harder it will be to keep Ebola from spreading around the globe. The world cannot stay on high alert forever.  There will eventually be a lapse in security somewhere. People will start to get careless.  The world is already suffering from danger fatigue.  Climate change, the seasonal flu, terrorism, financial collapse…again…the list goes on and on.

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