Thunder Bay – The Season Of The Gun

And so it begins…

City workers give CUPE strike mandate

Members of CUPE Local 87 have voted to give their union a strike mandate, in its negotiations with the City of Thunder Bay.

About 600 city workers were eligible to vote Thursday.

CUPE 87 president Marie Dean says they had a large turnout. Although she won’t give a percentage, she says the majority of the members voted in favour of a strike mandate.

Dean says the strike mandate gives the union more clout in its dealings with the city.

The union has now asked for a conciliator to be brought in to aid the negotiations. – Tbnewswatch

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the strike mandate gives the union more clout in its dealings with the city….Why even bothering negotiating?  Just go right to binding arbitration.

That is the advantage of being able to shut down ALL city services.  The public really has no choice.

City Management?  Way overpaid….ALL OF THEM!  The City of Thunder Bay is quickly sliding into shit status and our obscenely overcompensated city management team is doing its best to make sure the city gets there.

When it comes to staff  financial compensation, are the taxpayers of Thunder Bay getting value for their taxes?  Does it matter?  Its not like city residents have a choice.  Its take it or take it.

This whole process is not bargaining so much as extortion.


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