Thunder Bay – Another Blip In The Big Picture

Another blip in the TBPD’s big picture….Luckily there is no shortage of pedestrians in Thunder Bay.

Drivers in Thunder Bay think that they own the entire street.

Pedestrians and cyclists setting foot/tire on a City of Thunder Bay street risk death on a daily basis.  I am not exaggerating one bit.  Its THAT BAD!

Alleged drunk driver charged after colliding with pedestrian

City police took a Manitoba man into custody for impaired driving after he allegedly struck a pedestrian with his pickup truck Wednesday.

Thunder Bay Police Service officials say the incident took place in front of City Hall just before 9:30 p.m. Wednesday.

A 28-year-old woman pedestrian was struck while crossing in the intersection of Donald and May Streets.

The pedestrian was crossing with the light when she was struck by the blue dodge pickup truck that was making a left turn onto May Streets. – Tbnewswatch

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