The World – EU Gives Snowden Protection From Prosecution

The EU Parliament narrowly voted in favour of to drop all charges against Edward Snowden and protect him against third party extradition and rendition.

Will any European country abide by the vote? Will any European country give whistleblower Edward Snowden sanctuary against the US? Is it a trap being set by the US lure Mr. Snowden out of Russia?

I suspect Mr. Snowden will treat this EU vote with extreme skepticism.  He is not a stupid man.

As for the EU vote, this could be a sign that Europe is slowly moving out from under the American’s foreign policy thumb.

The US is on the decline. Its economy is non existent. Its dollar is about to tank. Its military is being successfully challenged on several fronts by China and Russia.

The only question that is left now is whether the US will go down quietly or will it take the world down with it.  I believe the answer to that question is obvious.

That is why the US is running around the world trying to pick a fight with China and Russia.  The US needs a war to survive.

Naturally, the US hopes that war will be fought in Europe and Southeast Asia and not in the US.  That is how the US likes to operate.

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