Thunder Bay – Burgeoning Shithole Numbers?

Fundraiser to proceed, Eaton’s building owner fined $25,000

The Definitely Superior Art Gallery’s Saturday night Halloween fundraiser will proceed after an eleventh-hour effort that fixed fire code violations in the former Eaton’s building.

The Justice of the Peace handed the building’s owner a $25,000 fine on Friday morning, citing fire code violations ranging from failing alarm systems to occupancy concerns in the building’s complex structure.

Thunder Bay Fire Chief John Hay said if the violations weren’t fixed immediately, the DefSup basement site wouldn’t be able to use the venue as part of The Hunger’s 10th anniversary. – Tbnewswatch

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I wonder how many other buildings in the City of Thunder Bay are owned by people who cannot afford to maintain them?   I suspect it is quite a few.

The Lyceum is one. The Royal Edward Arms is another. I’m sure there are dozens more.

How many people are living in borderline shitholes and are afraid to say anything because they might be kicked out?  Because its the only accommodation they can afford?  I suspect, quite a few.

The City of Thunder Bay has its own problems with infrastructure rust and rot.  The pedestrian overpass is a shining example of neglect as are our streets.

Sooooo what is the City of Thunder Bay doing about it?  Hmmm?

Nothing.   Pay raises all around.


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