Thunder Bay – Lead Water Lines Are Private Property…Except For The Part Owned By The City

Group wants city to explore other options for drinking water plan

Starting in January small amounts of sodium hydroxide will be added to city water, first as a pilot program in Current River, in order to address concerns that around 8,000 homes city-wide still have lead feeder pipes. A program was launched to get homeowners to change the pipe but the city didn’t get much interest.

Those pipes are private property but the city is still required by law to make sure the drinking water is safe. As a result it will spend around $500,000 a year for the chemical, which will make sure any lead from those pipes won’t end up in a home’s water supply. – Tbnewswatch

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…around 8,000 homes city-wide still have lead feeder pipes…Those pipes are private property

As I have mentioned before, that not ALL of the lead feeder pipe is private property.  The section of pipe between the curb stop valve and the property line is owned by City of Thunder Bay.  The length of City of Thunder Bay owned lead pipe varies from home to home.

The City of Thunder Bay is the proud owner of anywhere from eight to sixteen kilometers of lead water line.  A fact never mentioned in any mainstream media report.

For some reason, the City of Thunder Bay, when given the opportunity, refused to eliminate that piece of lead pipe that is on public property.  Won’t do it.  Why?

I am not an expert but 8,000 to 16,000 metres of lead water line seems like a lot to ignore.

The City of Thunder Bay, years ago, decided that maintaining the section of very old, publicly owned  sewer and water line that was on private property became the responsibility of the property owner.  I wonder if the lead pipe looming in the not-to-distant future issue had anything to do with that decision?  Hmmmm….

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