Thunder Bay – Still Don’t Know How To Remove Snow From Streets And Sidewalks? WTF?


Adding new snow plowing services a $7.6 million venture for city: Report

If the city wants to change the way it plows streets, it could cost as much as $7.6 million.

A memo and an information only report are heading to council Monday night that will outline what happened to some city streets last month when rain and snow quickly turned to ice. That memo will also look at how the city could respond in the future, which could cost as much as $2.1 million.

Another report will look at the possibility of removing snow at the end of driveways after roads are plowed. Operating and capital costs for that would reach more than $5.5 million and would likely be impractical on any street with parking, dense housing or curbline sidewalks.

As for removing snow at the end of driveway, for $5.5 million, included in that is around $950,000 for operating costs, the city could purchase new snow gate attachments and new graders. – Tbnewswatch

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As far as I know, Thunder Bay gets snow every year.  Some years more snow.  Some years less snow.  But, there is always some snow.  There is always freezing rain.  None of these things are unusual.  Its all part of a thing called winter. Winter happens EVERY YEAR!

Winter is the time of year when temperatures drop below the freezing point and what would be rain any other time of  year, falls as snow. This happens EVERY YEAR!

Temperatures can rise above freezing and quickly fall below freezing  thus creating a situation where rain will freeze.  This happens EVERY YEAR!

With thousands of years of experience dealing with snow,  it would not be outrageous for a taxpayer to believe that the City of Thunder Bay should have the operation of removing snow from streets and sidewalks down to a science.  Perfected.  No surprises.  Seen it all before.

And after thousands of years of experience dealing with snow, it would not be surprising if a taxpayer were to believe that the City of Thunder Bay’s streets, boulevards and sidewalks were designed to make the removal of snow removal as efficient as possible.  Know exactly what to do.  Experience galore.

A taxpayer might think that but that taxpayer would be wrong.  Very wrong.


Sadly, What I see on my daily walking tour is a city that makes the removal of snow from streets and sidewalks as difficult as possible.  The City of Thunder Bay could not possibly make the situation worse if it tried.  Presently, the snow removal operation is extremely inefficient.  On-street parking and poor urban design  makes it difficult for road crews to do their jobs efficiently.




Understand this. Inefficiency costs the taxpayers money.


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