The World – Zika Virus Update..Don’t Panic!

PANIC!  FEAR!  The mainstream media is freaking out…..

With the growing concern over the Zika Virus, it must be mentioned that the World Health Organization has yet to connect the mosquito borne virus with any brain defects in babies.

Right now, warning pregnant women to avoid certain countries is strictly cautionary. It is wise to be cautious until more is known but there is no reason to panic.  Monitor the situation.  Don’t panic.

The mainstream media is making statements that are not true.   Right now, there is no scientific link between the virus and the birth defects.  None.  But you would never know that if you watch mainstream media news reports.  If you read mainstream media articles.

Once the world medical experts prove that there is a direct link between the virus and birth defects, I am sure we will be told.

Even if the virus is eventually shown to be harmless, I am sure that there will be a vaccine produced anyway that will be mandatory for children attending school and soon mandatory for adults as well.

Funny…this virus has been known for 60 years  without any concern. Without any mention of birth defects…until now.  Olympics in Brazil this year.  Interesting.

The mainstream media has not said boo about the deadly virus that escaped a lab in the Ukraine. Killed 20 soldiers.  THAT is a virus that people should be worrying about.

A US scientist has genetically manipulated the 2009 strain of pandemic flu in order for it to “escape” the control of the immune system’s neutralizing antibodies, effectively making the human population defenseless against its reemergence.  In other words, the virus would spread like wildfire and kill us all.   THAT is a virus that people should be worrying about.

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