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Local media’s challenge

Media right across Canada are being forced to cut back as consumers turn to “free” sources of news and information. This newspaper is not immune and reductions in our news department were met with genuine concern and some criticism. While challenges remain we changed and found new ways to engage readers. We have been operating in this community for well over 130 years and our readers naturally think of us as “their” newspaper. Their concern is understandable as is concern over the prospect of no local TV stations – Chronicle Journal

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….Media right across Canada are being forced to cut back as consumers turn to “free” sources of news and information….

Why do Canadian media corporations offer free news on their  websites if it is costing those corporations money and jobs?   If that is what is causing all the financial problems for Canadian media, then simply stop giving away your product for free.  Simple.  End of problem. Happy Days are here again….But is the news really free?

Advertising…all websites have ads on them.  Some more than others but all have them.  I assume that ad space is sold..or should I say rented out for cash. Sooo?  Free?

Lets face it, the old model of printed newspapers and magazines is dying with its customers.  The old system of having to watch television at specific times to see the news or watch your favourite programs is not appealing to the generations that have grown up in the digital age. Grown up with  computers, mobile phones and the internet.

Getting yesterday;s news today is how printed media works.  That system of delivering information is just too slow for a world that operates at the speed of light.  Its ancient technology.  In fact, the act of reading is becoming ancient technology.

People like to watch.  Reporters talking on a screen….understand?  YouTube, the extremely popular video streaming website does not involve a lot of reading.  Listening and watching…

When media outlets want people to pay for their product, then the product must be worth paying for.  City council meetings?  For those that are interested, minutes of meetings are available online as are videos.

Anyway, I find the local media is biased toward City Hall.  Thunder Bay has no impartial corporate media.   None.  In fact, I might even be as bold as to say that the local media is just gawd awful.

I am still waiting to here about what happened to the police officer that had his/her service revolver and three ammo clips stolen out of his/her private vehicle.  Apparently, the Thunder Bay media has decided that the public has no right to be informed about that….even though the lives of every resident was put into danger by the careless actions of that police officer.

That is the kind of shit that hurts the perceived impartiality local media and perception is everything if you are trying to sell a product.

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