Thunder Bay – Climate Change The LEAST Of Our Worries..

ELA research shows climate change impacting lake trout size

Warming water from climate change is beginning to encroach on the habitat of Northwestern Ontario’s cold water fish.

Research conducted at the Experimental Lakes Area shows the region’s temperature has warmed 0.4 C over each of the last five decades. Shorter winters are heating surface water and delaying lake trout spawning.

The runoff from increasing summer rain is causing a tea-like discolouration, affecting the water’s heat distribution and compounding the change.

Added together, fish biologist Lee Hrenchuk can see consequences for aquatic ecosystems beginning to show. – Tbnewswatch

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So?  Look, the mainstream media is blaming everything on climate change.  OK..THE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!  Come up with some solutions!

Right now, nobody wants to do anything that costs them money.  Nobody wants to do anything that will negatively impact all those wonderful conveniences that they have grown accustomed to having.

Personally, I believe that the upcoming worldwide economic crash, the increased potential for World War 3 or the emergence of antibiotic-resistant bacteria are much more pressing issues than climate change.

For some reason, none of these real threats are getting much coverage in the mainstream media. Now why is that?

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