Canada – HMCS Fredericton Heads to Aegean Sea…Do You Know Where The Aegean Sea Is?

Canadian frigate to patrol Aegean Sea

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“This is not about stopping or pushing back refugee boats,” Stoltenberg stressed.

“…This is about helping Greece, Turkey and the European Union with stemming the flow of migrants and refugees and coping with a very demanding situation.”

The International Organization for Migration said earlier this week that 76,000 people have travelled across the sea since Jan. 1 in an effort to reach Europe by sea. That’s nearly 2,000 people a day.

.The group also estimates that 409 people have died so far this year trying to cross from Turkey to Greece and between North Africa and Italy.

U.S. Defence Secretary Ash Carter said NATO military authorities also will draw up plans for how the alliance could further act to help shut down illegal human smuggling in the region. – 95.7 the wolf

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aseaThis mission puts the Canadian warship and the German led Standing NATO Maritime Group Two (SNMG2) right smack in the middle of the route that the Russians use to move ships in and out of the Black Sea.  Understand?

You add this information to the Turkey, Saudi military threat of Syrian invasion and things are starting to look bleak.    Bad.  Very bad.

NATO increasing military forces along Eastern European border.  Turkey and Saudi Arabia looking to invade Syria.  Canada sending more ground troops to Iraq/Syria.

Iran selling oil using Euro instead of US dollars.

Canada heading into a shooting war with Russia and the mainstream media is saying???  You think that is an accident?

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Then there is this..

Harjit Sajjan hints at a Canadian military mission in Libya

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada could soon join a military coalition to take on ISIS in Libya, a country beset by a civil war and mounting Islamic terrorism.

“I had a good meeting with my counterpart, the minister of defence from Italy, [on military intervention in Libya],” Sajjan said following a NATO defence ministers’ meeting in Brussels..

“Italy is willing to take the lead on this; once we have a good understanding of the political situation, that will allow us to figure out what we need to do,” said in an interview with Chris Hall on CBC Radio’s The House.

More than four years after Moammar Gadhafi was deposed — in large part due to Western military intervention — Islamic State militants have taken advantage of the resulting political vacuum to establish themselves in Libya’s coastal cities.

An estimated 3,000 ISIS fighters are in the country, which has been attracting more foreign recruits in recent months as the journey to Iraq and Syria has become more difficult with Turkey tightening its border with Syria. – CBC

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The drumbeats of war are getting louder…

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