Thunder Bay – Thursday

OK…lets go…
P1470380parking on a sidewalk facing in the wrong direction…and its OK?

When this vehicle attempts to pull out onto the street, there is a huge blind-spot that the driver must overcome. How?  Just take a guess?  This is extremely dangerous and I am sure its against the law.

In the City of Thunder Bay’s $65 million plus (soon to be $100 million plus), anything goes when it comes to parking. There is no law.

P1470378No parking? No stopping?  No problem.  Its a premier tourist destination after all.

P1470404McVicar Creek rec trail…still needs repairs
P1470416I understand that the LCBO outlet on Cumberland is going to close.  What will the north-core street urchins do for fun then?   Hmmmm….
P1470422The trail needs repairs….is it ever going to happen?  I guess when Ontario provides funding…
P1470667Yes…grass IS growing BUT it looks like shit.
P1470704Father teaching his son to ride his bicycle on the sidewalk.  Why?  He is doing the kid no favours.
P1470718Construction sign that is not doing its job. Do the high salaried residents of City Hall care?  Nope.
P1470719Can you see the sign?  Its on the right side.

P1470676I know that this might seem like a bit nitpicky but I will mention it anyway. Why?  Because it would have been soooo easy to avoid.

Its the white paint that remains after the contractor removes a  portion of  a driveway.

Prior to construction, a white line is sprayed across asphalt driveways to define the limit of asphalt removal when streets are being reconstructed.

The contractor then cuts the asphalt on that line.  I wonder why the cut is not made on the outer edge of the white line so that no white paint remains?   It would look sooo much better.  There was no white paint there BEFORE construction.  Why is there white paint there after construction?
P1470675aThe joints between old and new asphalt are not that great.  Looks like water can get in there.

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