Thunder Bay – Strollers On Buses

Not enough space for wheelchairs on buses, people with disabilities say

Advocates say transit should dispatch extra vehicles to pick up those left behind

Some people with disabilities in Thunder Bay, Ont. say there’s not enough room for wheelchairs and scooters on Thunder Bay buses, and some people are being left behind in extreme heat and cold.

Thunder Bay Transit told the city’s Accessibility Advisory Committee earlier this year that 90 people using wheelchairs, scooters and strollers were left at bus stops in 2015.

That’s too many, committee member John Paul Gamache told CBC News.

John Paul Gamache told CBC he’s been stuck outside in freezing weather for 40 minutes because a bus couldn’t accommodate his wheelchair. (Heather Kitching)

“You shouldn’t have to leave people behind,” he said.

“People have a right to ride the bus not to sit outside waiting for you guys,” Gamache said, adding that he personally once sat outside for 40 minutes in freezing weather because a bus couldn’t accommodate him.

Thunder Bay Transit should dispatch extra buses to pick up those left behind, he added. – CBC

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Strollers?  Have you seen the size of strollers that people expect to fit on a bus?  They are huge.  The carriage not only carries the child but also almost all of that child’s  possessions.

Expecting to fit something that big on a bus is unreasonable.  Seriously.

giant stroller

Thunder Bay Transit needs to limit strollers on buses to the folding/collapsible style.

folding stroller

Before you get on the bus, collapse the stroller and carry the child onto the bus.  The passenger and child can then sit in a regular seat.  Perhaps a stroller rack to store folded strollers would be handy.

This would free up space for wheelchairs.  Buses can take two wheelchairs.  I do not think that there are many times when three wheelchairs want to get on the same bus.

There is also the LIFT service (formerly HAGI transit) which cater to wheelchairs and the physically challenged. The LIFT service requires booking a time for pickup and an time to return.

I doubt the City of Thunder Bay can afford to send out additional buses to pick up a single wheelchair passenger.  Is this request reasonable? I don’t think so..but that is not a politically correct attitude to take today.

What do they do in other cities?  other countries?  That might be the place to start looking for a solution.

I avoid the bus as much as possible.  Given the giant baby stroller issue and bus drivers operating a bus while being distracted (other bus drivers  as well as passengers standing up front and carrying on a conversation with the driver).  This is unsafe and should not be allowed….but this is Thunder Bay where anything goes.

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