Thunder Bay – Saturday

P1480022Another old pole that is waiting to have utilities transferred to the new pole
P1480028Not sure what this sign means? The street was not closed. There was no construction visible.  Yet the sign is there.  In this city, construction signs are a joke.  Seriously, they are a joke.
P1480055Maybe the city could ask the people/organizations that attach these posters onto light standards and hydro poles to remove them.  Looks like shit.

The names are on the posters!
P1480096Not sure if this fish cleaning station is done yet. Its been almost a month now.  How long does it take?  Must be getting paid by the hour.

This should have been part of Phase One of the City of Thunder Bay’s $65 million plus (soon to be $100 million) premier tourist destination, aka Prince Arthur’s Landing.

There are many features being added to the park now that should have been part of Phase One.  Are they part of Tender 14?  Is Tender 14 completed?  Will Phase One it ever be completed?
P1480097Anything happening with these stairs?  Whose responsibility are they?  The condos or the city?
P1480116Another Baggage Building related parking violation.  Sure, its only for five minutes, but so what?
P1480127This what parking on Marina Park Drive on a pedestrian crosswalk across from a children’s play area does to traffic.
P1480155Geese making more poop
P1480166Pedestrian overpass windows.  Need cleaning?  Not surprised as I can’t remember the last time they were cleaned.
P1480171Walking hazard paint fading
P1480172See the florescent red paint?
P1480173The Lyceum Building.  Might as well rip it down because nobody cares about it any longer.
P1480174Oooooo…so close. Just another ten steps and they could have put the McDonald’s cup into the trash…but that would mean walking over the the trash can…and its ten steps away!
P1480186This was Saturday. Nice day.  North core. The sound of a saw cutting concrete on the roof of the Ontario Government Building.  Ooooo goodie!
P1480190 P1480192 P1480193With the wind blowing the concrete dust inland, pedestrians out and about enjoying the beautiful weather plus  open windows/doors,  a good time was had by all.  Inhaling dust is one of the city’s residents most favourite pastimes. (type the word “dust” into the search window for more posts on the dust issue).

P1480314Bring on the tourists!  We have sooo much dust to share!
P1480318Ahh yes.

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  1. sdisturber
    sdisturber at |

    We actually have a bylaw prohibiting the posting of signs on utility poles. Ahh, yes, but who cares? Bylaw runs on a “complaint driven” basis. Perhaps everyone who gives a shit should pick a bylaw and start phoning in complaints about infractions. Pick from: Property Standards, Litter, Parking, Chicken Coops, Snow Removal (too soon enough), etc. Just check out the city website:

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