Thunder Bay – Monday

Work continues on the DSSAB housing development at the corner of Cornwall and Algoma Streets.

I wonder how much dust the contractor will force the neighbouring residents to eat before he/she does something about it?  My guess?  Its a lot of dust.  Lots and lots of dust.

Could be a dusty summer for the surrounding home and business owners.

Then there is the Court Street construction that is going on.  Construction signs are as useless as the useless-as-tits-on-a-bull Gathering Circle down at the City of Thunder Bay’s $65 million PLUS premier tourist destination AKA Prince Arthur’s Landing.

As you can see that this sign is doing its job.

Work going on…

Then there is this sign…hard to see in the above photo

Maybe you can see it now?  You Go Thunder Bay!

Looks like something from a hydrant.  Not sure which hydrant.

This street in Prince Arthur’s landing is now called Sleeping Giant Parkway. Its still called Marina Park Drive on Google Earth.  Just saying…

And its still called Pearl Street in Prince Arthur’s Landing..

More Tree Swallow photos


Pussy Willows?

Yellow Warbler?

Cedar Waxwing….Very cool looking bird

work continuing on the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

A pink plastic bag

A comment on a previous post explained that the stairs between the condos, the stairs that have never been used, are going to be removed. Location of stairs shown by red dot.

As you can see from the above image, there is a sidewalk leading from the two condos to the stairs.  A traffic island was constructed in the centre of the Sleeping Giant Parkway.  Why? I have no idea. The street is two lanes wide.  Low traffic volumes.   Good sight lines.

A sidewalk was also constructed leading from the pedestrian crosswalk to the rec trail in Prince Arthur’s Landing.  If the stairs are removed, then all that other infrastructure will have been built for nothing.  Without the stairs, then the sidewalks, traffic island and the pedestrian crosswalk are not needed. Seriously.

To be honest, the stairs do make a lot of sense.  Direct access to the rec trails for residents of the condos.  Why not?

If those stairs are removed, then a big pile of that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash will have been wasted.  No surprise there, right?

Boat heading to the marina

Goose and duck toilet area. By July, the grass will be covered with bird feces.  Hurrah!

The shoe has moved from the shoreline (mentioned in previous post) to a bench

Hilarious sign. You can find cigarette butts ON the playground.

Lets see what the Gathering Tunnel crew were up to on Sunday…Oooooo green bottles.  That can mean only one thing….Kelley’s Wine. The official wine of Prince Arthur’s Landing

Nice. The crew used a reusable LCBO bag.  They are think about the environment. At least they are until they drink two bottles of wine…if that is wine.

OK. Two bottles of Kelley’s finest

Over 20 meters from the playground I guess. No ashtray in the Gathering Tunnel. I suspect that if there was an ashtray, these butts would be right here anyway.  This is Thunder Bay after all.

Obligatory shopping cart photo. Yes..its a Safeway cart

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