Thunder Bay – Poop In The McIntyre

Decades old error in LU building directed sewage into stormwater line

Raw sewage from a Lakehead University building has flowed into a line intended for storm water since the 1970s, a result of misconnected sewer lines.

Hugh Briggs, director of the university’s physical plant, said contractors involved in the new Centre for Advanced Studies in Engineering and Sciences building tipped off university administration last week after finding sewage material in a storm drain.

The subsequent investigation determined three men’s washrooms in the Ryan Building were connected to the storm sewer, rather than the sanitary sewer.

“The building was constructed in 1972 and it has been that way ever since then,” Briggs said.

It remains unclear how the issue escaped detection decades ago. – Tbnewswatch

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…It remains unclear how the issue escaped detection decades ago…..

Who built it?  I think if you find the answer to that question, you will find out how it remained undetected decades ago.

Though the storm line into which the sewage drained flows to the McIntyre River, “we are not aware that any sewage has reached the (river),” said Ministry of Environment regional spokeswoman Lisa Brygidyr.

The ministry “Is monitoring the situation closely, and will be meeting with LU staff and the university’s consultant to discuss the matter and how they plan to remedy the situation,” Brygidyr added. – Chronicle Journal

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….“we are not aware that any sewage has reached the (river),”….

I would hope not. If the MOE was aware of raw sewage flowing into the McIntyre River from Lakehead University, ignoring it for 40 years might be considered incompetent behaviour.

I suspect that sewage did make it to the McIntyre River but, because of the heavy amount of litter that befouls the banks of the mighty McIntyre on its route to Lake Superior, raw sewage would be all but invisible to the untrained and trained eye.

You Go Thunder Bay!

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