Thunder Bay – Thursday

Looks like there was sale on spray paint

Work on the caboose nears completion.  Soon the Canadian National Railway emblem will be painted.

It should look like this when completed.

Paving continues on the new parking lot being constructed at the south end of Marina Park

The cracked asphalt caused by a soft spot in the road base has been removed and replaced. I noticed in March, 2017. The asphalt was placed last fall.

I wonder if the granular base was excavated in order to find the problem?  Judging from the size of the hold I doubt it.  I will have to keep an eye on this spot to see if the asphalt breaks up again….soon.

March 6, 2017

There is a crack as well.

Tree Swallow

Brown headed cowbird

Interesting clouds

Everyone is worried about climate change.  Meanwhile, restaurants are using heaters on their patios to…I assume…warm up the world?  How is this environmentally acceptable?  Money of course.  Its always about the money.  When the choice is between the environment and money, money always wins.

That is why US President Trump pulling the US out of the Paris Climate Agreement is no big deal.  The agreement means nothing.  Nothing at all.

Take our fearless leader PM Justin Trudeau.  Canada is a signatory of the Agreement.  Vocal supporter.  Big cheerleader.  Good.

But what has Fearless Leader done so far?  Build pipelines to carry all that dirty tar-sands oil to the ocean. Where does he think that oil is going?  What does he think is going to be done with it?

These global agreements are meaningless photo ops.  As failed US presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said that that politicians need both public and private positions on issues.  The Paris Climate Agreement is the public position that all those politicians had on dealing with climate change.  Something must be done! We must act now! Harrump! Harrumph!

Those politicians are being seen to be doing something about climate change when in reality, money takes precedence over the environment every single time.  No politician in his/her right mind would put tens of thousands of people out of work in order to “save the human race”. Ain’t going to happen..EVER!

As our Fearless Leader Justin Trudeau has shown, the private position of those politicians can be much different.



A group of future Canadian leaders hanging out in the Gathering Tunnel.  Nothing better to do?  Nowhere else to go?  Loitering needs to be dealt with by pumping classical music into the place.

Obligatory shopping cart photo..Safeway carts

Church undergoing reno…somehow I figured this would get more respect than being tossed with other debris to the curb.  What do I know?

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