Thunder Bay – Another Month, Another Murder….Ho-Hum…Yawn

McVicar Creek death found to be murder

Thunder Bay Police have determined that the death of a teenager on the city waterfront this week was a homicide and they have set up a special tip line for information.

Brayden Moonias, 18, was found dead Sunday morning near McVicar Creek in Marina Park. A post-mortem conducted in Toronto Wednesday confirmed he was murdered.

 Police said Thursday results of that examination will not be made public. – Chronicle Journal
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Imagine living in a city the size of Thunder Bay, pop. 111,000, where a murder-free month is unusual.   A city where someone gets murdered and its….ho-hum…yawn.  Thunder Bay, Murder Capital of Canada.  THAT is life in Thunder Bay.
Anything anyone can do about it?  Apparently not.
Blame the police?  Blame racism?  Blame everyone else?   When are people going to take responsibility for their own actions?   When?
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