Thunder Bay – Trip To Toronto 2017

The model of the MV Thunder Bay is now located on one of the baggage carousels in the Thunder Bay airport.  It used to be on display in the Mariner’s Hall (Water Garden Pavilion).  Now that Mariner’s Hall is used almost exclusively as a taxpayer maintained waterfront restaurant banquet facility, the model was in  the way.  Surplus.
Construction work attracts garbage
Some light poles have a design on them. Interesting.MV Federal Welland.  This ship has been in Thunder Bay several times this year. The Hard Rock Cafe is now gone.  It was there for as long as I can remember.  Its supposed to be a Shoppers Drug Mart?I like that these boring grey boxes have been painted.  This should be done in Thunder Bay as well.

Keeping the old while building the new

The Hudson Bay store is becoming Saks 5th Avenue

Saving the building’s facade.  Think that anyone will do this with the Lyceum building in Thunder Bay?

Lots of people living on the street. Sleeping on the street. In Toronto, contractors stamp sidewalk work.  This should be done in Thunder Bay as well.

People getting ready to head over to the Caribbean Carnival FestivalA father teaching his children how to ride their bicycles on the street. Queen Street West to be exact.  A busy street.  A rare sight in Thunder Bay.  Assholes exist in Toronto

A pay toilet.  It cleans itself.

Leftover from the parade.
Harbourfront Music Festival Death In Venice Gelato..Tiramisu Masala and Bourbon & Smoked ChocolateBuffalo Yogurt & Kaffir Lime Leaf and Chocolate Basil with Balsamic Reduction

Line-up to buy charcoal ice cream.  Its black.  Tastes like licorice. I never had any.

The line-up was there every day I went passed. People taking selfies in front of the Toronto City Hall’s splash pad…Is it not a splash pad?  In Thunder Bay, this would be a splash pad..

Nobody in the water…hummmm Oh….not allowed to wade in fountains in Toronto….To our glorious dead….Looks like there is no room for all the wars we are now involved in.  We need a bigger memorial. A band-aid repair? Indonesian Festival taking place at Yonge and Dundas Square. Kensington Market Ice cream… Ontario fruit More Gelato….Ed’s Real Scoop  Pistachio and ….. I can’t remember.

Allen Gardens

I like the Toronto Dine Safe system.  Green, Yellow and Red.  No alphabet.  Its Pass, Conditional Pass or Fail.

and the Conditional Pass, Yellow, tells you what the inspector found wrong.

In Thunder Bay we have a much more complicated system.   Why?  (see previous related post here)

A Toronto landmark that will soon be gone.

Tiramisu and Pinguino Farmers Market  Another morning at the City Hall splash pad….I mean fountain. More selfie taking…

The Brain Project

Riding her bike on Yonge Street Reflection..A dog fountain…or is it a splash pad? Going to Wards Island…and Centre Isalnd Leftover from the flooding…Lake Ontario’s water level was high this spring…
Thunder Bay Waterfront Development Office take note…THIS is a pier. Another fountain or is this a splash pad?Nope…its a fountain…Splash pad or fountain?   THIS is a splash pad…Notice the “pad” part of the facility?  Its integral in the “splash pad” facility.  No pad…no splash pad.Lots of sand bags Swans Relics from the past. The Centreville carousel.  Its been sold for $3 million.  Its in excellent shape. Porter Airline lands planes on Centre Island Graffiti Alley off of Portland Street. Its a tourist draw.

This is what the place looked like several days earlier.

Bathhurst and King intersection One of the new streetcars.  Big windows made small because they are covered by ads…Porter Airlines snack food.

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