Thunder Bay – Friday

Work continues on the Court Street construction site.  The contractor actually put up “lane closed” signs.  Amazing!

Almost ready for paving
Not sure if this sign is active or not.  The left lane is not closed. not that it matter as westbound vehicles on Bay Street cannot see the sign. What do you think?  Dead grass?   Sodding contract should include regular watering.  If the sod is placed by city crews, same thing..water it!Hmmm…Chronicle Journal trash a couple of blocks south of their building. The trash trail leads to their building I wonder if the Chronicle Journal can operate without having some of its trash blow onto public and private property.  I know its possible elsewhere, just not in Thunder Bay.

You don’t want to be living within two blocks of that operation.

Yup…we’re back in Thunder Bay

Black-eyed Susan

The future location of the CCGS Alexander Henry..on the other side of that buildingThunder Bay’s superior by nature waterfront…steel, concrete and asphalt…The grass wall along the trail of the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland). Shorter People, people in wheelchairs and mobility scooters and children cannot see over the high grass and shrubs that form a wall along the trail.CrowConcrete delivery truck drum cleaning spot… Thunder Bay landscaping ideas on the waterfront…rocks. Just dump some rocks there.  How do you get grass growing there?   The drilling crews opened up a path into the bush You can walk into this area Not sure why this asphalt was not placed at the same time  as the streetand why was the asphalt removed in such an odd shape?  Why not cut the asphalt in a straight line?

The grass wall along the Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) trail

Around the “useless as tits on a bull” Spirit Garden (Wilson Street Headland) firepit, these things keep popping out of the ground.  Another waste of money.  Work continues on the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel. This is still a thing…as are the pavement tiles around the fountain.  They are sinking. This boat is from Germany Its part of a sailing club.  Crews take turns sailing the boat.  They change every 40 days?

Soooo what happened to the rest of the light?

Getting ready for the Brew Ha (Ha).  I believe there needs to be two Has. Brew Ha Ha. Craft Beers. Mill Street is owned by Labatt Brewing Company, which itself is owned by brewing giant Anheuser-Busch InBev.   Mill Street Brewery is no longer considered an independent craft brewery by the Ontario Craft Brewers.  Sooo…part of every dollar you spend on Mill Street products end up in the pockets of AB-InBev.  Just so you know. I guess the Heritage Train has come and gone. Safeway shopping cartBroken Window in Lyceum building still not repaired.  Arson site waiting to happen.
The building is in horrible condition.  How long until it gets torn down?More trees cut down in the north core These trees’ roots are heaving the paving stones What do you think? Dead? Italian Cultural Centre gets new electronic sign.  Not sure that these are the right thing to be placed next to a street.  Drivers need to keep their eyes on the road and not a sign that changes messages every five seconds. The Finnish Bookstore also had one of those electronic signs but removed it.  I wonder why?  I thought that maybe the City of Thunder Bay did not approve as the sign is a distraction for drivers.  Hmm…I’m sure the Italian Cultural Centre sign isn’t going nowhere.  My first Clematis flower

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