Thunder Bay – The High Street Wall So Far

The High Street Wall so far..
This is the crappy fake rock look that we are going to have to live with for…like..ever.  It looks exactly like the fake rock along the golf course property on Golf Links Road, just south of Oliver Road.  Also, there is similar fake rock work at the top of Waverley Street at the intersection with Red River Road.  Its pure shite.  The rock face is flat.  No rock wall has a flat rock face.  They might as well have just constructed a plain concrete wall.

I did not expect an exact replica of the former rock wall, but with the technology available today. I expected more than this.

If it gets painted, that might improve the look some, but I have my doubts if the cash strapped City of Thunder Bay splurged on the deluxe fake rock wall package.

I will keep an eye on the project as it progresses.

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  1. Skippy
    Skippy at | | Reply

    another bs project that drags on and on!!! Won’t be done until next summer! Fine the bastards!

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