Thunder Bay – Saturday

The Brook McIlroy building on South Cumberland is still for sale.  Its been for sale for….ummm….a really long time.   Like I pointed out before, the view from Cumberland and Park Street intersection is not so great since the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel was constructed.Obligatory LCBO bag Yup, its still there.

Remember the Canada day holiday?  A giant tent was erected in the boat launch parking lot.  This involved driving large steel stakes into the asphalt.  Removing the steel stakes left holes.

Why did someone not fill in these holes with sand and then seal them with asphalt?  Why is this not done ALL THE TIME?So, now that the entrance to the area being used to store materials being used to construct the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel is blocked, trucks and equipment must drive over the newly hydroseeded grassed areas.  Seems stupid to me but hey, this is Thunder Bay.  Plant grass and then drive over it.

Pier 2 is another example of such stupidity.

Found out where that milling machine I mentioned on Friday was used.  In the southeast and northeast corners of the new parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park.  Why?  Something must have been wrong.  Not surprised as there is a lot wrong with everything built down there over the passed 10 years. Why they did not mill out a rectangular shaped area?  I guess we will see.

Not that great to look at.


More damage to the parking lot by construction equipment Why do tires damage the asphalt surface?  This is the northeast cornerLike I said before, i am not sure why these corners were milled.  Would have been nice if someone grabbed a broom and swept off the dirt left by the machine
If the machine came in from the parking lot side, then it would not have to drive on the sidewalk. A collision at the corner of Bay and Water Streets.  I did not go down there to take some close-ups because I was headed in the opposite direction.Hotel construction viewed from the Water Street side. Work still going on in the north downtown core parkcade.A Lowes shopping cart in the north downtown core.  How it got there is beyond me. The latest example of water being pumped out onto the sidewalk

How many shopping carts are laying around the city of any given day?

The lower portion of Hillcrest Park.  The forgotten park. The sewer and water line replacement work on Banning Street between John Street and Bay Street has reached Cornwall Street.

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